The Advantage Engineering people consistently produce high-quality, practical, HVAC designs on time and within budget. What more could a Project Manager ask for?”

Michael Slejzer, Planning/Design/Construction Dept. Manager, Lahey Clinic Medical Center





“Good engineers understand the difference between drawing lines on a sheet of paper and installing pipes and ducts in the real, crowded, 3-dimensional world.  The Advantage Engineering people have that understanding.”  

Bob Ouellette, President, FA Williams, Mechanical Contractors


Featured Projects

  • 15,000 sq ft hospital kitchen, serving line and cafeteria renovation. HVAC designer of record.

  • Industrial production room odor control improvements using static air-to-air energy exchangers. HVAC designer of record.

  • 3000 kW, natural gas engine, combined heat and power (CHP) project for a medical center. Obtained $2.2 million utility company grant for owner. Project offers net annual cost savings to owner, after capitalization and O&M costs, of $1-$2 million. Acting as Project Facilitator.

  • Testing & balancing services for 5,000 sq ft fit out for Dartmouth College Planning, Design & Construction offices

  • Testing & balancing services for Manchester (NH) City Hall

  • Testing & balancing and retro-commissioning services for a 32,000 cfm air handler serving cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs

  • 6,000 sq ft hospital cardiology clinic renovation. HVAC designer of record

  • Retro-commissioning of 30 year old 50,000 cfm hospital central air handling unit

  • Development of “benchmarking” system for annual energy use and energy cost for 1.2 million sq ft medical center campus

  • Testing & balancing services for Manchester (NH) Carpenter Library

  • Replacement of (2) 25,000 cfm, central station, air handling units serving (11) operating rooms in acute care hospital. Designer of record

  • Testing & balancing services for new 27,000 sq ft NH cosmetics manufacturing facility

  • Performed baseline HVAC air and water flow measurements for 300,000 sq ft multi-tenant office building. Adjusted building-wide HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and optimize performance

  • Development and maintenance of electronic and paper drawing archiving system for large hospital. Archiving system is being converted, over time, to all-electronic. Approximately 20,000 drawings included in archive.

  • Boiler replacement for 20,000 sq ft church. HVAC designer of record

  • Installation of 400 gpm, 8 million Btuh, hydronic hot water convertor station for large hospital building

  • 4,000 sq ft medical center special procedures unit renovations. HVAC designer of record

  • Multi-phase renovation for CT scan suite containing (4) CT scan machines in medical center. HVAC designer of record

  • Airflow and space pressurization adjustments for (23) operating rooms and central sterile supply areas for medical center

  • HVAC and process cooling design for 7,000 sq ft hospital oncology clinic renovation including new, water-cooled, linear accelerator

  • MEP infrastructure overview for multi-building medical center campus. Acted as primary author with support from electrical engineering consultant.

  • Installation of 20-ton glycol chiller to depress operating room relative humidities in small acute care hospital

  • Peer review for HVAC design for major medical building addition and renovation

  • Installation of 2-cell, 1200 ton, evaporative cooling towers to augment existing cooling tower system for 3000-ton chilled water plant. Designer of record

  • Industrial fume hood system for dust control for resin manufacturer. HVAC designer of record

  • Domestic hot water heating system replacement for 200,000 sq ft long-term care facility. Designer of record

  • Installation of 30,000 cfm and 12,000 cfm central air handling units to serve existing clinical laboratory space in medical center. HVAC designer of record

  • Analysis of time vs. load characteristics (using portable ultrasonic flowmeters) for (15) hydronic hot water systems in 900,000 sq ft hospital building